Pest Free Backyard BBQ

Pest-Free Grilling

We all know summer and spring are some of the most enjoyable times of the year which is why we want to keep them pest free. You can go outside without a jacket, lounge on your deck, enjoy sports and then fire up that barbecue for some tasty food. Aside from deciding on condiments and who’s vegetarian a big problem can be unwanted guests of the insect type. Why? Because they like the foods we eat as well and are constantly looking for it and have the mobility to get to us. And suddenly that important pollinating bee is sending guests in a panic, not to mention the all-out nastiness of flies.

Whenever food is placed outdoors, all kinds of insects will be drawn to the smell. You can expect to see insects such as ants, wasps and bees, mosquitos, and of course; flies.

Dangers Posed by Pests

  1. Ants can contaminate food and flies are considered one of the filthiest pests
  2. Pests around and are known to carry well over 100 different pathogens or disease carrying germs
  3. Wasps can cause a panic by their presence and are capable of inflicting painful venomous stings
  4. As dusk rolls around mosquitoes start to show up, drawn by light and carbon dioxide given off by humans. Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance but can be vectors for diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue, Malaria and other illnesses. In addition, even without the disease aspect they can leave us with some pretty uncomfortable itchy red bites and welts

Outdoor Prevention of Insects

While you cannot eliminate the presence of pests 100% there are some steps the good folks at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention recommend. Keep your area free of tall weeds and overgrown foliage where pests can find shelter. Don’t leave trash around and dispose of it immediately after a dinner or event.

To assist in keeping mosquitoes and other night flying pests away consider a proactive lighting strategy. White light attracts insects so consider alternatives such as yellow florescent or yellow LED lights. Don’t leave doors open or white light on inside as it may also attract them. While Citronella candles may work in concentrated areas they are of limited use in open areas. If mosquitoes are an issue consider the use of an approved mosquito repellent and follow the label.

Mosquitoes can also be reduced by eliminating any standing water even in small amounts like unused cups and over watered flower pots. If you are planning an event Bug Guardian Pest Prevention can treat your yard using natural plant oil based materials to reduce unwanted pest guests.

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