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Applying a scorpion seal to your house can solve many in-home infestations. Scorpions, insects, and other pests will often enter a home through an unsealed door, torn screen, or a crack in the foundation or walls. After entry, the pest will inhabit a portion of your home and reproduce, leading to an infestation. After scorpions or other pests have infested your home, they can be very difficult to exterminate. A scorpion home seal will prevent scorpions and other pests from entering your home by taking specific measures to seal these entry points.

There are several different types of scorpions in Arizona that you may come across. All scorpions carry venom in their stingers, but they vary in toxicity levels. Most types of scorpions are not highly dangerous, but the type of scorpion you are most likely to meet in Arizona, the bark scorpion, is the most venomous in the United States. A scorpion home seal is designed to prevent scorpions from entering your home, keeping you and your family safe from scorpions and other pests.

Scorpion Home Seal

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How a Scorpion Home Seal Prevents Pests
By eliminating the entry points into your home scorpions will no longer be able to gain entry. This is the best defense you can take to prevent an indoor infestation. Sealing is also great at removing habitats for scorpions on the exterior of your home. These habitats and entry points can be located below ground in your foundation or on the top of your roof.
How a Scorpion Seal Saves Energy Costs

Even though your home will be sealed to prevent scorpions, these entry ways are also vectors of energy loss. Cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter can escape through these points just like the scorpions enter. Once all these gaps, cracks and holes are sealed your comfortable air will be trapped inside, saving on your energy bills.

How a Scorpion Seal Protects Your Home

Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of sealing your house is the deterrent it can be to burglars. Gaps in your doors or windows can provide an opening for a malcontent to use to gain entry. A broken screen or damage to your fence can be an open invitation to someone with a bad idea. Sealing will fix these issues causing your home to be less appealing to a criminal.

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