Termite Damage Repair Cost

Termite Mud Tubes

What Are Termite Mud Tubes Termite mud tubes are created as termites build their colony, providing a means of transportation, protection from direct sunlight, as well as shelter from predators…

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Roof Rats in Arizona

Arizona Roof Rats Although roof rats are not native to Arizona, there has been increasing reports of these household pests. Some professional exterminators say they fall 3rd in line to bark scorpions and termites.  The top 5 areas in the nation that roof rats are found include Gilbert and Tempe, Arizona. One reason for this…

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Fall Pest Proofing in Arizona

Fall Pest Proofing in Arizona With cooler fall weather arriving in Arizona, autumn pests begin to emerge, infesting homes, offices, buildings, and properties across the valley. Termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents seek out the warmth provided by residential and commercial buildings, making themselves homes when the environment suits them well. If you want to…

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