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Ant Control is a Necessity

One of the most common, and perhaps most aggravating, insects around the Phoenix area are ants. The weather in Phoenix is very agreeable to ants, and once settled into an area, ant colonies quickly grow.

Effective ant control will require the help of a professional ant exterminator because many home remedies often seem to increase egg-laying by the queens, creating even larger colonies.

Ant Control

7 Most Common Ants in Phoenix

Preventing Ants

While it is nearly impossible to prevent ants from invading a property without professional treatments, there are things that you can do to slow their progression and make your property less appealing to the insects. Removing all debris from your yard and piles of yard waste is the first step in ant control. Ants love dark and moist places and love piles of yard waste to start their colonies.

Avoid leaving standing water in any area if possible. Ants look for a water source, much like humans, to start their colonies. It is also very important to make sure that you seal cracks in your home foundation and around windows and doors. At the first sign of a colony developing anywhere in your yard, seek ant control treatments to prevent them from spreading.

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Issues Caused by Ants

Getting rid of an ant colony goes beyond eliminating a nuisance pest in your lawn. Ants can cause many problems, including bites and stings, gnawing on and killing plants or gardens, contaminating food, damaging insulation, as well as transmitting diseases. Addressing an ant colony quickly and efficiently with proper ant control measures can protect many aspects of your home.

Ant Identification & Diagnosis

Identifying which species of ant is present in your home or on your property is key to ensuring effective removal of a colony. Depending on the specific species, ant colonies will display differing behavior, feeding habits, nest construction methods and may have one or more queens. Identifying which ant species you are dealing with and diagnosing the colony ensures that the appropriate ant control treatment is employed.

Ant Control Techniques

After a thorough inspection and diagnosis, a customized ant control plan will be developed to eradicate ants from your property. This will involve one or more methods of ant control & prevention including bait, non-repellents, resource elimination, and home sealant techniques. Ants are prolific colonizers and it is normal for colonies to reestablish themselves, so ongoing prevention will need to be performed to keep ants at bay.

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