Pet Friendly Pest Control

Part of the Family

Your pets are part of the family, and we know how important it is to keep them safe outdoors as well as indoors. Pests that affect humans will also affect our furry friends, some even more so. That’s why safe, pet friendly pest control should be top of mind when looking for a service provider.

When you see evidence of pests in your home or yard, your first inclination may be to reach for the strongest bug spray you can find. However, while pesticides will likely kill whatever unwanted visitors are infesting your home, they can also be harmful to your pets. With pet safe pest control products and techniques, you can be sure your pets are safe from pests, as well as the treatments used to keep them away.

Pest Dangers to Pets

Fleas & Ticks

The first set of pests you may think of when it comes to your pets are fleas and ticks. These parasites can cause problems ranging from skin irritations to diseases and infections. Make sure to use flea control products often, and perform inspections on your pets after spending time outdoors.

Stray animals or other wildlife can introduce these pests into your yard, spreading parasites and potential harmful diseases to your pets. Ensure there is nothing in your yard to attracting them such as avoiding leaving food out, and securing your trash cans.


Scorpion stings, particularly those from bark scorpions, are extremely painful and can lead to a variety of problems. Like in humans, scorpion sting symptoms in pets may include swelling, muscle tremors/spasms, difficulty breathing, drooling, and in severe instances, collapse or death.

Since in many instances you may have no idea what type of scorpion has stung your pet, it may be best to treat any sting as a potential bark scorpion sting. Contact and get your pet to a vet as soon as possible for treatment. Your vet may have specific instructions for you to follow in order to help in advance of arrival, such as removing the stinger, elevating the sting, or applying a cold compress to the area.


A bee problem like Africanized bee swarms or wasp infestations can be potentially dangerous to humans and animals alike. Pets, such as cats or dogs, can be hypersensitive or allergic to bee stings just like humans, and can have severe and potentially life-threatening reactions to one or multiple bee stings, up to and including anaphylactic shock.

If your pet is showing signs of heavy breathing, rising or slowing heart rate, or disorientation, they may fall into one of these more dangerous categories. Regardless, you should contact your vet right away to see if a bee sting is indeed causing a severe reaction and for information on next steps.


All sorts of Arizona rodents, particularly rats and mice, are known to carry a variety of diseases and parasites that can put your pets at risk. While it may be convenient that your cat catches any mice that may enter your home or yard, they can be exposed to disease and infection in the process. You also don’t want them dragging the carcasses around and potentially exposing your family either.

If you know a pet has come in contact with a rodent, be sure to monitor your pets behavior, looking for anything out of the ordinary. If you notice apathetic behavior, vomiting, or diarrhea, you’ll want to get your pet to the vet quickly for treatment before any potential diseases or infections get worse or spread.

Pet Friendly Treatment

When looking for pest control services, ask whether or not the provider has pet friendly pest control options available. Reputable companies will use pest control products that are EPA certified to be safe for use around your family and pets. Let them know your specific situation and concerns upfront so you can get the safest options available to keep your pets safe.

Also, ensure the business is licensed through the Office of Pest Management. You can ask for their business license number and easily check its status with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

The EPA also offers some additional tips for choosing a pet safe pest control company.

At Bug Guardian, providing top quality, effective, and pet safe pest control services that are safe for both your family and pets is our top priority. Ask about our pet friendly pest control options and see how we can help with your pest problems, while keeping the Bella’s, Buddy’s, and Coco’s of the world safe.

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