Scorpion Home SealScorpion Prevention in the Home

A scorpion home seal can be one of the most effective ways to prevent scorpions from entering your home in Arizona. The best way to avoid scorpion encounters in your home is ensuring they don’t find a way in!

Not only will sealing a home prevent scorpions from finding ways into the interior of your house, exterior spaces like garages and roofing will be deprived of accessible scorpion habitats. Bark scorpions have a nasty habit of being found unexpectedly where we can be caught off guard, like while grabbing an item out of storage or reaching into an attic with low light, leaving us susceptible to a sting. With a proper scorpion seal, access to these areas can be eliminated.

A scorpion home seal consists of ensuring points of entry into your home are properly sealed off, including the foundation, thresholds, door frames, utility lines and more. This not only prevents access for scorpions, but for other pests as well, such as ants, spiders, roaches, and more. Bark scorpions can enter through extremely tight spaces, much like other insects, so eliminating potential entrance points for scorpions comes with the added benefit of preventing other pests from entering the home and becoming a problem.

Added Benefits of a Scorpion Seal


A scorpion home seal will also tighten up spaces where air exchange may take place, saving on cooling costs in the summer, and heating costs in the winter. Once cracks, holes or gaps are sealed up, your home HVAC systems will require less energy to keep your home comfortable, saving you money. Homes settle over time and work to seal them is typically required sooner or later, and retaining all that cool air is essential for an Arizona home.


Peace of mind is priceless, and you’ll rest easy knowing your family is safe from the threat of painful scorpion stings while in the comfort of their home. A proper home seal will also double as a deterrent to burglars by eliminating openings that could be taken advantage of to gain entrance into your home, such as damaged screens, windows, or gaps in doors.

You’ll be surprised at the high number of places where pests gain entry into your home, restaurant or business. Some insects and spiders only need an opening the thickness of a credit card. Mice can squeeze their way through a gap the size of a nickel. Once they make their way inside it will be difficult to evict them. A scorpion seal provides the added benefit of keeping other pests out.

Benefits of Sealing Your Property:

  • Keeping unwanted pests out like  scorpions, crickets, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish, and earwigs
  • Properly sealed doors will result in keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter, preventing air from escaping through these points and reducing energy costs
  • Selling a home that is sealed versus one that is not, in scorpion prone areas is always a benefit
  • When you scorpion seal a home and/or property and follow up with regular pest control, you drastically reduce the chances of finding scorpions and other unwanted pests inside your home

Hiring an experienced scorpion prevention professional will ensure a well-trained eye will inspect the property for all potential access points for scorpions will be discovered and properly sealed, treated, and eliminated.

Given all the additional advantages a scorpion home seal offers, you would be hard pressed to say it wasn’t worth it in Arizona.

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