Contactless Pest Control

Pest Control in the Face of a Pandemic

For over 10 years, Bug Guardian has been committed to ensuring your home is safe from pests posing risks to your home and family such as health problems, allergies, and in some cases, venomous threats.  In the same vein we are committed to doing our part in protecting the community from threats including the current COVID-19 pandemic by practicing contactless pest control services.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Bug Guardian has taken steps to ensure we are adhering to local, state, and federal health safety guidelines in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases while continuing to provide pest and rodent control services in the Phoenix area.

Our safety protocols while performing interior work:

  • Call to announce arrival to allow for contactless entry into the home or business
  • Arrive wearing face masks & gloves
  • Practice CDC social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet of space
  • Announce the completion of service and leave through the same door entered

COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines

We at Bug Guardian take the health and well being of all our customers and staff extremely seriously, and will continue to deliver the pest control services you have come to rely on, while observing all COVID-19 preventative measures to ensure the safety of the community in which we all work and live.

If you have any questions about our contactless pest control services, or questions regarding what we can do to protect your home or business from pests such as scorpions, mosquitoes, or cockroaches, please feel free to reach out today.

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