Why Roaches are Hard to Control

Cockroaches & Restaurants Don't Mix

Your business is important to you, as well as the health and wellbeing of your customers, and its continued success is crucial. If at any point your restaurant becomes infested with cockroaches it’s important to have the infestation exterminated by a professional pest control specialist in a timely manner.

Proper commercial pest control, and in particular cockroach control, is of particular importance to restaurants. Cockroach prevention in Arizona restaurants is cruicial to running a successful business, as just the thought of a cockroach can send customers fleeing, let alone seeing one of the pests scurrying across a dinner table. Not only is this bad from a customer preception point of view, but you may be facing legal action from the authorities.

Cockroach Habitat

Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments. They spend the daytime hours in dark areas such as under refrigerators, stoves, and false bottoms in kitchen cabinets, the backs of cabinets and between baseboards, floors, cabinets and walls. Cockroaches leave these areas at night to look for food and water. If you see cockroaches during the day this may be an indication of a larger infestation and you should contact a Bug Guardian specialist immediately. By the point of a large infestation any do-it-yourself pest control attempts will be ineffective against a large population of cockroaches.

Cockroach Identification

The only good cockroach is a dead one; that’s why the first step to eliminating the cockroach infestation is to determine the type of cockroach present. At Bug Guardian we use our extensive knowledge of the preferences and habitats of each species to provide more accurate and effective control of the infestation. German cockroaches are notoriously speedy breeders, and are typically the cockroach species behind home infestations.

Cockroach Removal

  1. The first step to any cockroach removal method is the sanitation of the area that the roaches are attracted to. Anything that can be done to eliminate the sources of food and water from the cockroaches home will help to control the infestation.
  2. Once sanitation is complete the next step is extermination of the cockroaches. This is done through the use of trapping, baits, insecticides, and dusts. A pest control technician will suggest which method is best for removal and go over your options.
  3. After removal is complete we always suggest having a routine pest control maintenance plan to reduce the risk of infestation from cockroaches or any other pests.

Roaches in Restaurants

Cockroach control in restaurants is inherently difficult. Bug Guardian pest professionals have the training necessary to identify restaurant roach problems and recommend the most responsible and effective pest management methods available. Additionally, restaurants and commercial food facilities should train their staff to work together with pest professionals.  While these locations may receive regular service from their contracted pest management firm, employees can take steps every day to help reduce pest populations.

At Bug Guardian Pest Control, our goal is to help you in the shortest time possible, while resolving your cockroach problems in the most cost effective manner. All of our technicians are professionally trained and our service is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Bug Guardian today at (480) 345-2847 or read more about our Commercial Pest Control services.

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