Termite Damage Repair Cost

What Are Termite Mud Tubes

Termite mud tubes are created as termites build their colony, providing a means of transportation, protection from direct sunlight, as well as shelter from predators & other insects. Termites can build a system of mud tubes sufficient enough to house their new colony within a few days, continuing to build out the complete system of tunnels over several weeks.

As the termite colony continues to establish itself and grow, breeding eventually leads to a need to expand, taking the form of mass migrations to begin new colonies elsewhere. Mud tubes serve as a vital part of the termite ecosystem, and are a sure sign of subterranean termite activity.

Termites typically migrate with the monsoon seasons, ever expanding their colony and taking advantage when the conditions are right. This is the first step of an infestation, so identifying if and when termite swarms move through your area you can stop termite problem in it’s tracks.

Termite damage can include damage to drywall, ceilings, flooring, doors, windows, and even the structure of your home. Depending on the amount of time the termites have lived at the site, and the size of the colony, termite damage repair costs can very significantly.

Preventing Termites & Mud Tubes

Keeping an eye on your home for signs of termite damage and employing a termite specialist for routine prevention & checkups can help prevent major termite damage from occurring.

  1. Remove yard debris, including lumber, dead trees & branches, cardboard, etc. from around your home
  2. Remove any sources of termite food, including old or rotting wood, paper products,
  3. Keep firewood away from buildings
  4. Reduce the amount of soil/mulch around your home, prevent any soil/mulch from touching home surfaces that are not concrete
  5. Keep plants trimmed back at least 1 ft from home exterior
  6. Ensure rain & sprinkler runoff, condensation tubing, and other sources of moisture lead away from foundations

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