Why Roaches Are Bad For Your Arizona Home

Cockroaches are extreme survivors.  They’re the oldest surviving insect form on the planet and have been present on Earth for nearly 350 million years.

There are approximately 3500 identified cockroach species that roam the earth.  Cockroaches come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors and are found in almost every environment on the planet.  The general shape of a cockroach is oval and flat-bodied, which allows them to squeeze into all types of cracks and crevices.

There are about 70 different species of cockroaches found in the U.S.   The majority of cockroaches serve very important ecological roles as scavengers, however, there aresome species that are considered pests and give cockroaches their bad name with humans, including German cockroaches and America Cockroaches

There are many reasons why roaches are bad roommates for humans. The species of roaches that are considered pests live in or around houses and buildings.  Indoors, cockroaches multiply quickly, contaminate many surfaces with their feces and are often found inside kitchen cabinets, helping themselves to your food.

But besides being a nuisance and an all around disgusting little creatures, there are bigger reasons why we need to control cockroaches.  Cockroaches have been shown to sometimes carry disease-causing microorganisms on their bodies.

Microbes found on cockroach bodies include several types of bacteria, worms, fungi and viruses.  While cockroaches have never been linked to the direct transmission of any disease, they can contaminate clean surfaces with these disease-causing microbes.

Another big reason for controlling cockroaches is that they produce several very potent allergens that have been linked to the development of asthma.  In fact, cockroaches are the number one cause of allergies among inner city children, and 26% of the US population is said to be allergic to cockroaches. In the video below we have compiled other prevalent facts about cockroaches and cockroach prevention tips.