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All species of spiders are venomous, however many do not have the ability to bite humans due to the size of their mouths. Spiders are predators who hunt for their food and their venom is the way they subdue their prey. Spider pest control services will help prevent spider infestations in and around your home to keep your family safe.

There are over 3,000 varieties of spiders found in the United States. While some spiders prefer to live in specific climates, they are not restricted to any single area. Migration of spiders is often quite common. You can find many different spiders in Arizona. However, the most common spiders found in Arizona include two of the most dangerous spiders in the country.

Spider Pest Control

Most Common Spiders Found In Phoenix

  • Wolf Spider. These spiders are known to be brown or dark colored with lots of hair on their body. There are many different species so appearances may vary. They are known to be fast, have good eyesight, and tend to carry a sac of eggs around 100 or more on their back. Wolf spiders are nocturnal so they hunt actively at night and hide during the day. Wolf spiders tend to seek warmer habitats so they have the potential to hide in certain areas of the house. They are venomous but their bite isn’t lethal to humans.
  • Camel Spider. This very common spider is tan and looks almost like a scorpion at first glance. These spiders love to invade homes and are very common inside and outside. Light brown in color and a little oddly shaped, these spiders have huge mouths and give quite a pinch when they bite. Thankfully, the bites from these spiders are not toxic to humans. However, because they do carry a trace of venom, people who have allergic reactions to insect and spider bites should remain cautious.
  • Black Widow. Known as one of the most venomous spiders in the country, these aggressive spiders have absolutely no fear of people and are not afraid to attack to protect their nests. Female back widows can lay eggs four to eight times during a summer season, making them aggressive for very long periods of time. Many people react to the venom and need emergency care.
  • Brown Recluse. This light brown spider has very long straight legs and can run very fast. The spiders can get very large and are very aggressive. While their venom is not as toxic as the Black Widow, it has a very dangerous enzyme in it that can lead to skin lesions. Many people that are bitten by a brown recluse have to undergo skin grafts at the area of the bite.


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Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

It can be very difficult to keep spiders out of your home without professional treatment. Spiders can easily crawl through openings that are microscopic and they are naturally good at hiding and disguising themselves. Sealing potential entry points can help, but there are often abundant opportunities for spiders to find their way inside your home.

Spider Habitat Preferences

Spiders tend to put up webs in areas where they believe prey will pass. Always look around window sills and door openings on both the interior and exterior of your home. Dark areas are also very common for spiders to live, including the spaces under your dressers. Certain spiders like recluses and wolf spiders do not spin webs, hiding while not active, and wander to hunt and mate.

Dangerous Spider Bits

If you believe that your home or property is being invaded with spiders, especially brown recluse or black widows, it is very important to seek professional treatment to avoid injuries to people or pets. While these spiders are not necessarily aggressive and looking to bite, if they feel threatened it is their mode of defense. To help prevent dangerous spider bites, wear closed-toe shoes and gloves while working outdoors, in garages, or in sheds.

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