German Cockroach pest control in Phoenix

What is Boric Acid?

Boric acid has many applications, from industrial manufacturing, a medical antiseptic, in nuclear power, making Silly Putty, and as an insecticide. The use of boric acid to kill cockroaches has been marketed since the 1940’s, as well as other ground-based insects such as ants, fleas, and termites. As an insecticide, it is considered a relatively safe solution to control insects around a home, as rather large doses are needed to have a toxic effect on humans.

Boric Acid as a Pest Control

Using boric acid for cockroach control may seem straightforward, but in order to be effective, it needs to be applied in just the right places. Cockroaches need to come into contact with the boric acid powder, and subsequently be introduced to all other cockroaches, in order to kill off an infestation. Missing a few can mean re-population, and then you’re back at square one. So, there are several problems leading to the ineffectiveness of boric acid against cockroaches.

Why Boric Acid Doesn’t Work Against Cockroaches

  1. Getting all cockroaches treated with boric acid is rare considering a colony may have several hundred individuals, and that they may produce thousands of offspring in a year.
  2. Boric acid is not known to affect eggs, so while adult cockroaches in the colony may be dying off, there are more coming to take their place.
  3. Cockroaches initially found a way into the home. Additional cockroaches may be doing so while the original colony is being treated, resulting in a zero-sum game.
  4. In a best case scenario the colony is killed off, however, a new one will find a way into the home if a proper barrier hasn’t been set and the home sealed against new cockroaches.

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

The best course of action to guarantee cockroaches have been eliminated from your home or office is consulting a professional. An experienced cockroach exterminator can diagnose the infestation, apply the appropriate treatments, and ensure the home is properly sealed off to prevent any further cockroach colonies from forming.

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