Scorpion Infestations

Arizona Scorpion Infestations

Living in the desert leaves your home, family, business, and property at risk of a unique list of pests you may need to deal with. Alongside poisonous snakes and spiders, scorpions often top this list. Dealing with one or two scorpions is definitely not ideal, but dealing with a scorpion infestation can be downright frightening and dangerous. A scorpion infestation can be extremely harmful to humans and animals alike, as they carry toxic venom that can pose real risks.

Different Arizona Scorpions

There are several different types of scorpions that make their home in Arizona and the Phoenix area. While all are venomous, the Bark Scorpion is the real threat, as it is the most venomous scorpion in North America.

  • Stripe-Tailed Scorpions – Also known as the Wood Scorpion, grows to about 2-3 inches, and usually tan to dark brown in color with darker stripes across its back, and a slightly stocky build. It will be painful to humans like a bee sting, but not considered dangerous.
  • Striped Bark Scorpions – They are distinguished by their orange-brown color, and two broad dark or black black stripes that run vertically down its back, with it’s body measuring about 1-1.5 inches in length. These are the most widespread scorpions found in North America, however carry a mild venom, comparable to a wasp sting.
  • Desert Hairy Scorpions – The largest species of scorpion in North America with large distinctive sensory hairs that cover its body. They are known to grow up to about 6”, with a relatively stocky build and thick appendages. They are rarely found in homes, and prefer burrows out in the open desert. They are large, but carry a relatively mild venom, on par with a bee sting.

*An allergic reaction can occur from the venomous sting of any scorpion, and those with allergies should seek medical attention immediately if stung.*

Arizona Bark Scorpion

Bark Scorpions are typically 2-3 inches in length, with pale brown or yellow bodies, and slim appendages and stingers. They uniquely will congregate in large groups when conditions for survival are right. The Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and serious symptoms can occur regardless of allergies. Bark Scorpions also happen to be the most common scorpion to infest Arizona homes. Because of this, it is important to protect your home, family, business, and property from any potential scorpion invasion. The severity of most scorpion stings is about the equivalence of a bee sting. However, the venom of a Bark Scorpion is much more potent, with very intense pain accompanied by hot burning sensation. Seek medical attention immediately if you have been stung.

Defend Your Home Against Scorpion Infestations

Due to the fact you that if you run across a scorpion in your home, it will most likely be the dangerous Bark Scorpion, you should take steps in order to protect yourself and your family from scorpion invasions. There are several things that scorpions don’t like that you can employ at your home or property to make it less appealing to scorpions. The best course of action is to hire an experienced pest control expert to perform a professional scorpion seal and apply exterior barrier treatments to prevent a scorpion infestation. The best time to do this is as Spring approaches in the Phoenix area, to prevent a scorpion infestation before it takes place.

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