HOA Pest Control

Pest-Free Neighborhoods

Under most homeowners association agreements, the HOA is responsible for pest control in common areas. This can range from small grassy areas to clubhouse buildings and sprawling open spaces. In order for an HOA or property management company to provide sufficient pest control across all areas they are responsible for, they typically hire a professional pest control company.

Common HOA Pests

There are several types of pests that can infest areas in which the HOA is responsible for. Problems that originate outside a homeowners property and responsibility put undue burden on residents when they begin to affect them. Ensuring the common areas are pest free, helps keep residents pest free, leading to a happier, healthier, safer community.

One of the more unsightly pests that may make their way into a common area are gophers. Gophers can burrow from common areas into backyards and zig zag their way through properties. This, in turn, becomes a problem for the homeowner that was caused by a problem that began on HOA property. This can lead to some pretty upset homeowners. Not only do they now have their lawn torn up from the rodents, the gophers need to be found, removed and the lawn needs to be repaired. Gopher removal services from a professional pest control company can eliminate a current gopher problem, and take steps to deter the rodents from returning.

Another nasty pest that can easily spread across open areas and residential properties are roof rats. Roof rats are aerial travelers and can easily move from property to property along fences, utility lines, and from tree to tree. Roof rats may stake their claim in attics, roof eaves, and even engine compartments, wreaking havoc on structural components and electrical wires. An effective roof rat removal program performed by professionals can stop these pests dead in their tracks, and save homeowners much more than an additional pest control bill.

Eradicating Pests in Open Spaces

Removing and controlling pests in open spaces managed by an HOA is similar to pest control service performed for residential customers. However, additional care needs to be taken to gain an understanding of what risks the pests pose to surrounding property owners. In some instances, such as bed bugs or termites, a population that survives in a nearby building is likely to return if not treated elsewhere. This is why communication is key between the pest control company and the HOA, as well as between the HOA and the residents. While it’s not pleasant for an HOA to alert homeowners to potential pest problems, any responsible HOA will take those additional steps, and in many cases, required to report it to residents as best they can.

Hiring Pest Control Services in Your HOA

Finding a reputable pest control company to provide professional services for your HOA is important for a variety of reasons. You want to ensure the pest control company utilizes safe yet effective treatments suitable for families and pets that make up the community. Clear communication between the HOA pest control company, the association representatives, and the residents is key to allowing everyone to understand what pests are being addressed, and what may be posing a threat to homeowners. Passing on referrals to homeowners may be preferable as well, so there aren’t half a dozen different pest control companies patrolling the neighborhood, which can lead to bad optics for residents or potential residents on how they interpret why they are there. An HOA will want to ensure the pest control company are insured, licensed, and effective at pest prevention. Make sure to do your research and hire only the best pest control company to serve your residents.

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