Fountain Hills, Arizona is a scenic desert town world-renowned for The Fountain, at 560 feet more. Fountain Hills, Arizona is also ‘home’ to Scorpions. All Scorpions are venomous—using venom to paralyze and kill prey or for their self-defense. Adult and small, young Scorpions inject the same amount of venom.

Most widespread in the Fountain Hills area is the Arizona Bark Scorpion, the most venomous and only deadly Scorpion in Arizona. This Scorpion’s sting can be fatal to young children, the elderly, or those at risk to venom. The Arizona Bark Scorpion (1-3 inches in length) is the most regularly encountered Scorpion. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is also one of relatively few species that climb.

Scorpions like to hide in dark, quiet areas such as closets, storage areas, seldom-used shoes, or folded clothes in Fountain Hills, Arizona properties. These most perilous Fountain Hills, Arizona Scorpions are there due to easy water access and shade in/around a property. With the increase in construction in Fountain Hills many scorpions are having to find new homes.

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