As the temperature increases in Arizona you might notice that more and more black widows are noticeable in your Anthem home.

Why be concerned about Black Widow Spiders?

  • The venom of a Black Widow Spider is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake!
  • The Black Widow Spider bite feels like a pinprick. If bitten, a person experiences nausea, muscle ache, and paralysis of the diaphragm which makes breathing difficult. In rare cases, bites can be fatal—especially to small children or the elderly.
  • Black Widow Spiders are shy but move quickly and bite, if disturbed.

Identifying Black Widow Spider Infestations:

  • Identifying Black Widow Spiders of the female species is easier, as they can be seen hanging upside down on their webs, which makes the red hourglass mark very visible. The male Black Widow Spiders are harmless—only the females bite.
  • Black Widow Spiders can be found hiding in dark places like garages, wooden piles, cellars, shades, etc. and the webs can be observed closer to the ground.
  • The female Black Widow Spider spins a large web in which they suspend a cocoon filled with hundreds of eggs, and the female Black Widow Spider rarely leaves the web.
  • If you spot a Black Widow Spider, do not bother it.

Black Widow Spider Control must be thorough and your cooperation enlisted in removing any Black Widow Spider webs. If you believe you have a Black Widow Spider infestation in your Anthem home contact Bug Guardian Pest Control today.

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