Scorpion Season in Arizona

Scorpion Season in Arizona

The Arizona scorpion season is almost upon us. Scorpion season typically begins in April as scorpions begin to become active, searching out food and mating partners, and the scorpion season runs throughout the warmer months, well into November. Once overnight temperatures settle into the 60’s and above regularly in the Arizona Spring & Summer, scorpions begin to emerge from their hibernation-like state.

As scorpion season in Arizona begins, scorpions emerge from under the rocks and begin migrating in search of food and mates, in the process, invading properties, yards, homes and offices.

How Scorpions Live

In Arizona, the scorpion of most concern is the Bark Scorpion, which also happens to be the most venomous scorpion in North America. A typical adult bark scorpion is about 2.5-3 inches in length, with a thin stinger featuring a pronounced curve. Bark scorpions are typically light tan or yellow in color with horizontal lines running down it’s back, blending in very well with the sandy and rocky ground cover of the Phoenix area.

Scorpions are nocturnal by nature, avoiding the sun’s UV light, hunting, mating, and moving around at nighttime. Bark scorpions are excellent climbers, easily scaling trees, stucco, and block fences, which opens up opportunities for them to more easily find their way indoors as compared to other scorpions. Bark scorpions are also known to live in clusters if conditions are suitable. If there is enough food, moisture & shelter for them to thrive, they will put up with other scorpions in the immediate area.

Scorpions feed on a variety of insects & invertebrates including crickets, beetles, roaches, spiders, and lizards, as well as other scorpions. Eliminating scorpion food sources and things that attract them is a good way to help keep scorpions at bay as the scorpion season sets in. Eliminating unnecessary lighting, water sources, yard waste, wood piles, and other yard coverage can help keep critter populations at a minimum, thus making the area less appealing to scorpions.

Although scorpions are widespread across Arizona, certain scorpion hot spots are known to attract more scorpions than others, so certain Arizona neighborhoods or cities may be more susceptible to invasions as the scorpion season begins. Be aware of your natural surroundings and any potential scorpion attractions, as this can be a huge advantage in addressing a problem before the scorpion season begins.

Address Scorpion Season Before it Begins

The best course of action to take in order to prevent a scorpion invasion at your home or office is to seal your home, and remove any scorpion-friendly habitats prior to the scorpion season beginning. A scorpion home seal effectively closes off potential entry points for scorpions to get indoors, as well as provide a property inspection to minimize or eliminate sources of food, moisture, and shelter that may attract scorpions.

Contact a professional scorpion & pest control company like Bug Guardian before the scorpion season begins to see how they can help you prevent a scorpion problem for you this year.

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