Arizona Mice

Arizona House Mouse

Finding a mouse, or evidence of mice, in your Arizona home, office, or building is never a welcome sight. Mice pose as threats to the infrastructure of your building and are potential carriers of disease. It can be very difficult to eradicate once a population has taken hold, as they are notorious breeders.

House Mice are the most common mice you will run across in your Arizona home or business. They are well adapted to living indoors or in outhouses like barns, sheds, or stables, and do not require much food to sustain a population. They can easily chew through walls and slip through tight crevices to make themselves at home well out of sight of humans, making it difficult to track down and get rid of them.

Arizona Mouse Description

An Arizona House Mouse is typically about 3-4 inches in length, featuring a 2-4 inch tail, and weighs about 1-2 ounces. Their fur ranges from tan to dark brown, with a lighter, typically whitish, underbelly. Their snub nose is excellent for seeking out food, typically consuming only a couple grams per day, and don’t necessarily need access to water to survive. However, Mouse Mice produce dozens of droppings per day, leaving plenty of opportunity to spread contamination.

Mice are very curious animals by nature, which leads them to boldly explore all corners of your home or office. Their curiosity only adds to their aptitude for getting into hard to reach and hidden areas in the building. They can flatten their bodies and squeeze through the tightest of spaces.

Having mice isn’t just unsightly, it is dangerous. They can chew through electrical wiring in your home or office, posing a fire hazard that goes unseen. They can also carry disease; they can carry hantavirus which can spread through saliva, urine, or feces, carry fleas infected with the bubonic plague, and easily transmit food poisoning through their droppings.

Getting Rid of Arizona Mice

Mice are used to living side by side with humans, and often depend on them for food and shelter, making homes and offices highly susceptible to infestations. They breed fast, and if a small population isn’t address immediately, it can quickly turn into an infestation. If you suspect mice in your home or office, contact a pest control expert like the ones at Bug Guardian today, who are trained and experienced in eradicating mice in Arizona homes and businesses.

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