The Arizona bark scorpion is known for its venomous sting, which can be lethal, especially for small children and elderly people. For this reason alone pest prevention for your home in Cave Creek should be a top priority to protect your family and property from infestation.


scorpionIf you are unsure of what a Bark Scorpion looks like here are some facts:

  • Light brown to brownish yellow in color
  • Pincers are elongated and thin
  • Thick, lobster-like pedipalps
  • Tail is also slender and yellow to light brown in color


Its venom can cause severe pain. Symptoms such as numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulties in breathing, muscle twitching and convulsions can be observed on a human that has been stung.


If you believe that your home has played host to the Arizona Bark Scorpion call the professionals at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!

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