Have ants in Arizona invaded your Carefree home? If so, the best course of action to eliminate an infestation is to contact a professional pest control exterminator immediately. Many homeowners use their own methods to rid their home of the ants they find, but the ants return time and time again. This is because the main body of ants often travel to and from their colony, which could be anywhere inside or outside of the home. Scouts are sent by the queen ant to look for food. Once food is found, hundreds and even thousands of ants travel the trail left by the scouts to locate the food. Simply trying to eliminate the ants you see in your home will not solve the problem.

Ants in AZ also cause health risks by contaminating food. Disease and bacteria can be transmitted through their bites and the trails they leave for other ants to follow. A swarm of ants scouting for food will be drawn no matter how clean the surrounding area. Foods left on tidy countertops in the kitchen can attract ants in minutes. Even favorite drinks cannot be left unattended inside or outside of the home. A trained exterminator has the knowledge to completely and efficiently eliminate ants and restore comfort and cleanliness to your residence.

Carpenter ants and fire ants in Carefree and the surrounding area are the most common species that invade homes. Carpenter ants can be just as damaging as termites by burrowing in the wood structure of a home and making nests in the wood. Fire ants bite and can be very harmful and even fatal to those who are allergic to insect bites. If you suspect a problem, calling an Bug Guardian Pest Prevention will save you the cost of expensive repairs or medical bills.

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