Where Roof Rats Live

Locating Roof Rats

As cooler weather begins to set in, roof rats are on the look out for warmth, which may mean they take up residence in and around your property. Roof rats have the nasty reputation for chewing and gnawing to build their nests everywhere from within your walls and attic, to the engine compartment in your vehicle. This kind of damage can wreak havoc on your home’s insulation, structure, electrical wiring and more. Roof rats are also known to carry parasites and diseases, so the potential contaminants they may bring into your home put your family’s health at risk. Knowing where roof rats live, their habits, and their behavior can help you better address and prevent roof rat infestations. Beginning in 2001, the city of Phoenix began to receive complaints of rats in the Arcadia neighborhood, and by 2002 it was recognized as a significantly growing problem. Due to its past as a vast citrus fruit tree orchard, Arcadia was the perfect spot to incubate a roof rat problem. Due to their reproductive rates, within a decade roof rats were found throughout the Valley. Knowing the signs of roof rats and understanding their behavior will help in locating roof rats on your property.

Roof Rat Behavior

  • Spend majority of their life above ground
  • Typically hunt after sunset
  • Avoid new objects
  • Prefer warm climates
  • Love fruit, devouring it from the inside, leaving behind hollow rinds

Signs of Roof Rats

  • Hollowed out fruit near trees
  • Scratching noises coming from walls, roof or attic
  • Damage to eaves or interior of the attic
  • Damage to electrical wiring
  • Rat sightings along fence lines, power lines, trees, or roofs
  • Rat droppings
  • Unexplained allergies, asthma symptoms, or other medical conditions

Dangers Posed by Roof Rats

Most rodents are around for a reason, providing a service to help balance the ecosystem they live in. Although roof rats are not native to Arizona, they do not cause many issues when living in the wild. When roof rats begin entering homes and business is when they can begin causing serious problems. Roof rats can spread disease and parasites, as they have done over centuries living side by side with humans. They are prolific chewers, and are known to mangle electrical wiring throughout buildings. This puts at risk the health of family, friends, employees, customers and anyone else that comes into contact with rats or what they leave behind. Roof rats make their home in your home, and bring along disease and damage, posing many health hazards. If you suspect roof rat activity on your property, contact a pest control professional, like the roof rat removal experts at Bug Guardian for more information, assistance, and service.

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