Arizona Mosquito Season

Arizona Mosquito Control

Arizona Mosquitoes Arriving This Spring

As the Spring season in Arizona begins, so does the Arizona mosquito season. Once the temperatures begin to warm up, mosquitoes begin to move into Arizona. The rains of the cool season, and the storms of the Summer monsoon season, provide enough moisture for mosquitoes to continue to breed throughout the region. During dry spells, canals, ponds, and washes begin to dry up, reducing water flow and resulting in more stagnant water, producing prime for mosquito breeding spots. Warmer weather that begins to move in during March will mark the beginning of the Arizona mosquito season, and they won’t leave until the weather begins to sufficiently cool again in November. Mosquitoes will annoy, bite, and spread disease during these warmer months in backyards, parks, trails, campsites, and everywhere in between, unless you take the appropriate steps to mitigate a mosquito problem. (more…)

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Pest Control in Pinnacle Peak, 85266

Pest Control Pinnacle Peak 85266

Welcome to Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale

Pinnacle Peak in north Scottsdale, Arizona is not only home to beautiful homes and golf courses, but is also home to the breathtaking Pinnacle Peak mountain & trail, which overlooks the valley below.

While there is much beauty to be found in Pinnacle Peak, being so close to nature goes hand in hand with being close to the critters and wildlife of the desert. Like much of Arizona, pest control in Pinnacle Peak is essential, considering the most notorious pest in the region, the bark scorpion, calls this area home.

However, like many Scottsdale neighborhoods, Pinnacle Peak pests are not limited to scorpions. Roof rats, rodents, termites, spiders, and other invasive pests need to be properly prevented, eradicated, and controlled for homes to remain pest free. (more…)

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Spring Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Spring Pest Control in Phoenix

As the weather begins to warm up across Phoenix during Spring, many pests begin to make their presence known. Some pests can cause serious issues for your family, home, and business. Spring pest control in Phoenix can help prevent these issues from occurring. As you prepare your home or business for Spring, remember to include pest prevention as part of your annual Spring cleaning to-do list.

Top 5 Spring Pests


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How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

Roof rats are pesky, damaging, disease & parasite spreading rodents. In order to get rid of roof rats in Arizona, you’ll need to understand why and where they infest, so you can find and rid your home of them for good. Since roof rats spend most of their time above ground, they aren’t the type of rat you’ll see scurrying across your garage floor. They prefer attics, eaves, trees, utility lines, and other places that may be out of sight. (more…)

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