Desert Hairy Scorpions

Giant Hairy Desert ScorpionA Scorpion by Many Names

The largest scorpion in North America is known as the Desert Hairy Scorpion, and is common throughout the Sonora & Mojave deserts in the American Southwest, including Arizona. There are a few variations of the species that are extremely similar, identified by slight differences and geographic location. Officially known as Hadrurus Arizonensis, the Desert Hairy Scorpion is also known as the Giant Hairy Scorpion, Arizona Hairy Scorpion, and Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion, and are often used interchangeably.

How They Live

The distinctive feature of the Desert Hairy Scorpion is the large sensory hairs that cover its body, which are very apparent when you observe these scorpions close up. These hairs are used to detect other animals, picking up on touch, air currents, and chemicals of potential prey. As the largest of North American scorpions, they are known to grow up to about 6”, with a relatively stocky body and thick appendages. (more…)

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Arizona Rats vs. Arizona Mice

Roof Rat Pest Control

Rats and mice in Arizona display different behaviors, so identifying which invasive pest you are dealing with can determine the most effective treatment approach. Both can and will over time cause damage to your home or business and introduce potential contamination that may lead to health problems. Here, we’ll explore how you can tell whether you are dealing with mice or rats in your Arizona home or business.

Differences in Mice & Rats

Mice in Arizona are smaller in general than rats, averaging 3-4 inches in length (plus a 2-4 inch tail) and typically weigh around 1-2 ounces. The most common mice in Arizona include the house mouse and deer mice.  

Mice, by nature, are very curious animals, which leads them to boldly explore all corners of your home or office. Their curiosity only adds to their aptitude for getting into hard to reach and hidden areas in the building. They can flatten their bodies and squeeze through the tightest of spaces. Mice are used to living side by side with humans, and often depend on them for food and shelter, making homes and offices highly susceptible to infestations. (more…)

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What Scorpions Like & Don’t Like

Arizona scorpion pest control

Know Your Enemy

Scorpions in your home, at your business, or infesting you property is an unwelcome sight to anyone. Understanding scorpion preferences can help you make your area less attractive to the pests. There are common DIY remedies that can aid in keeping scorpions at bay. These don’t work in all instances, but may be helpful when formal scorpion removal treatments are not available.

Considering the bark scorpion is the most common scorpion in Arizona and the Phoenix area, as well as the most venomous scorpion in North America, it is no surprise people attempt to find all possible solutions in preventing scorpions on your property. (more…)

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Bug Bombs Don’t Work on Cockroaches

Bug Bombs Don't Work on CockroachesWhen you see a cockroach, you immediately begin envisioning the colony, and begin to mull over your options to get rid of the infestation.  There are several treatments available to eliminate a German cockroach population, including traps, acids, insecticides, bug bombs (total release foggers, or TRFs) and professional services.  However, not all cockroach removal treatments are created equal, and some can downright fail.

The Case Against Bug Bombs

According to one study from North Carolina State University1, popular TRFs available to consumers, which are commonly referred to as “bug bombs”, show very little effectiveness at eliminating German cockroaches from a residence, with as low as an 11% mortality rate.  There are several reasons why this is the case.  (more…)

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Contactless Pest Control

Contactless Pest Control

Pest Control in the Face of a Pandemic

For over 10 years, Bug Guardian has been committed to ensuring your home is safe from pests posing risks to your home and family such as health problems, allergies, and in some cases, venomous threats.  In the same vein we are committed to doing our part in protecting the community from threats including the current COVID-19 pandemic by practicing contactless pest control services.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Bug Guardian has taken steps to ensure we are adhering to local, state, and federal health safety guidelines in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases while continuing to provide pest and rodent control services in the Phoenix area. (more…)

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