What Restaurant Owners Can Do To Prevent Pests

What Restaurant Owners Can Do To Prevent Pests

Pests can affect more than just homes and office buildings – they can also affect businesses like restaurants. When a restaurant has a pest problem, finding a pest control company to eliminate the infestation may not be their only issue. They could suffer from unhappy customers, bad ratings, low sanitation scores, and more which makes it paramount that you prevent pests.

If you’re a restaurant owner, there are several habits you can develop to prevent pest infestations, including:


  • Before accepting food shipments, inspect them for any signs of pests.
  • Store food in airtight storage containers and keep them off of the floor and at the proper temperature.
  • Don’t leave bulk food in cardboard containers, as they can attract cockroaches.
  • Make sure your employees know where the grease traps are and that they’re cleaned out on a regular basis.
  • Store your food on a first-in, first-out basis so that the oldest foods are used first and nothing is kept longer than it should be.


  • Regularly clean any spills, food scraps, and crumbs from counters, shelves, floors, and other surfaces.
  • Keep your trash bins tightly covered and empty them often.
  • Make sure your dumpster is away from your back door and that the lid is fitted on it tightly.
  • Regularly clean the inside and outside of your trash bins, as food can easily collect in many areas.


  • Don’t keep your doors or windows propped open. This can invite outdoor pests inside.
  • Make sure your door seals are tight and install door sweeps if there are gaps between the bottom of your doors and the floor.
  • Fix any holes, cracks, or crevices in your walls and floors.
  • If you have leaks in your sinks, pipes, or dishwasher, fix them quickly to eliminate excess moisture.

If you find a pest problem in your restaurant and are in need of assistance contact Bug Guardian Pest Prevention for help.

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Arizona Pest Control vs Prevention

Arizona Pest Control vs Prevention

Arizona Pest Control vs. Prevention

Preventing pests from entering your home is more important than controlling them once you have a problem. Pest infestations and the risks they pose to your home or business are easily avoided with a combination of DIY pest prevention steps and regular professional treatment. That is why Bug Guardian’s  program focuses on pest prevention, not just pest control.

Much like building a fence, pest prevention techniques accomplish three goals: exclude pests from entering your home, removing things that may attract them into your home, and creating a hostile environment for pests that may be inadvertently introduced to your home.

Bug Guardian Pet Friendly Arizona Pest ControlTraditionally Arizona pest control companies simply apply pesticides in and around your home in a routine manner, but Bug Guardian’s programs are designed for a more specific, customized approach depending on your pest control needs.

From a health and environmental standpoint, this is a much more responsible treatment method for you and your family; which means no unnecessary smelly sprays in your home and every product used by Bug Guardian is Pet friendly as well!

With Bug Guardian Pest Prevention you will receive a more effective and convenient pest prevention system with satisfaction guaranteed results!

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Get Rid of Ticks in Anthem

Get Rid of Ticks in Anthem

Ticks get inside homes by hitchhiking inside on pets, people or our clothing. Therefore, to protect your home in Anthem Arizona it is always a good idea to inspect pets and our children to make sure there are no ticks and to wash any clothes that may contain ticks. Ticks can become a problem if there are suitable tick hosts living in the crawl space or attic. Other animals may bring ticks inside to their nests, burrows, roosts or other living spaces. Once inside, most tick species do not survive well unless they find another host. The exception to this generalization is the brown dog tick, a species that survives and reproduces quite well inside, and soft ticks.


Tick removal should be done with great care to reduce the chance of infection. The use of forceps or tweezers is the most efficient removal technique. However, in the event that a victim is not in possession of these tools and needs to remove a tick, it is important that hands be washed prior to removal.

When removing ticks from the skin, take care not to crush the body of the specimen. This may further expose bite victims to harmful bacteria and diseases. Grip the tick as close as possible to the tip of the head. The mouthparts should also be thoroughly removed from the victim’s skin.

Control & Prevention

Ticks also seek safety in hidden locations within homes. Repairing any crevices or gaps and keeping grass cut short outside may discourage infestations. The disposal of all empty bird and rodent nesting materials is also necessary, as ticks will readily infest these items. Treatment for ticks is not the same as for fleas. If you suspect a tick infestation, call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today.

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