Arizona's Worst Winter Pests

Arizona's Worst Winter Pests

Winters in Arizona are mild, but the nights may get cold. Pest activity seems to slow down, so many homeowners are tempted to take a month or two off from regular extermination services. This is inadvisable, because some of the winter pests in Arizona will seek refuge in homes from the chilly nights. Certain pests may be more of a nuisance than others during the winter in Arizona.

Some of the Winter Pests in Arizona


Rodents are year-round pests, but may become a particular nuisance during the winter. Rodents will seek out the warmth and shelter of lower traffic areas such as attics or sheds. Once rodents have entered the home, it can cause an infestation to develop quickly. Not only do rodents multiply quickly, the scent that rodents leave behind attracts other rodents. A professional pest exterminator can help to rodent-proof the home for the winter and the rest of the year.


American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches all prefer the warmth and shelter of homes during cooler months. Any of these cockroaches may quickly cause a severe infestation, as cockroaches multiply extremely quickly and may be difficult to eliminate. Cockroaches are typically found in areas of the home that are used for food preparation or serving, but may be difficult to spot because of their nocturnal nature. A professional extermination service may be required to rid a home of a cockroach infestation.

Conenose or Kissing Bugs

Kissing bugs earn their name because they bite around the lips and face while homeowners are sleeping. These bugs may nest and lay eggs in small crevices around sleeping areas. These bugs often accompany pack rat infestations, as they are particularly attracted to pack rats. This makes these bugs more of a nuisance during the winter, as pack rats often move indoors. Eliminating a pack rat issue may not be enough to rid the home of a kissing bug infestation, however, as kissing bugs may begin to feed on pets or residents within the home. An exterminator will often inspect and treat the home for kissing bugs when pack rats have been found or if other signs of the bugs are visible.

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How to Detect Bed Bug in Your Avondale Home

Bed Bug Removal

Many have heard the bedtime saying, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” but past that don’t ever actually think that bedbugs are a real issue! Scientifically dubbed Climex Lectularius, the name ‘bed bug’ is derived from the pest’s favorite dwelling place. Bedbugs like to dwell in warm, dark places where they have easy access to feed off of human blood. Sounds a little creepier than a nursery saying right? You don’t have to fear bed bugs anymore!

Bug Guardian provides the best pest control services and knowledge when it comes to bedbug removal for your Avondale home.


bed-bugsBedbugs are often very difficult to detect because they are mostly nocturnal and can feed without being noticed. Often, bedbugs can cause skin irritation and rashes for people that are sensitive to them and that is usually how they are detected. If someone is displaying bed bug symptoms, they are diagnosed once the symptoms have been confirmed and bedbugs have been found in the home. What do bed bugs look like? They are usually small and oval shaped, and at maturity they are usually the size of an appleseed. Adolescent bedbugs are called nymphs and are very hard to detect. They will shed their skin up to 5 times before reaching maturity. An adult bedbug can create 3 or more generations a year!


Bed Bugs can come into the home numerous ways. They often spread through clothing and luggage traveling from other infested locations. Infested items such as used furniture can also carry the unwelcome pests into the home. Often, bedbugs will travel through air ducts and cracks in the walls in infested apartment buildings and hotels. It is important to know that the cleanliness of a location does not determine whether it is more susceptible to a bedbug infestation. Immaculate homes and hotel rooms are just as liable to bedbugs as filthy ones! Due to their ability to spread, it is important to contact a local pest control company such as Bug Guardian.

Control and remove the bed bugs.

Upon discovering bed bugs in your home, call Bug Guardian Pest Control so we can determine the best bed bug treatment for your residence. If some prep is necessary, be extra careful not to move items from one room into another trying to prepare for treatment. We want to make sure you don’t spread the bedbugs throughout your home. We strongly suggest you wait until one of our expert technician’s arrive to start any kind of treatment to save you time and money.

Bug Guardian has the most effective treatment for bed bugs and it’s environmentally friendly! Once we have established the presence of bedbugs, we will treat your residence with an effective and safe treatment that kills bed bugs without being harmful to the health of you, your family and any pets.

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