Rodent Control for Litchfield Park Restaurants

Rats in your Litchfield Park restaurant is a problem for many reasons, mostly related to the sanitation of the area, health of employees and diners, and don’t forget about passing health inspection! If you think you are sharing your restaurant with these disease-ridden rodents you need to go into offensive mode immediately. The longer a rat remains in your kitchen or dining area, the more feces and urine deposits will be left behind by the rodent. Most communicable diseases from rats come from their droppings.

There’s a reason why rats are common in restaurants and kitchens throughout the world. These crafty rodents will live wherever they can find food and shelter, and restaurants fit the bill. It doesn’t matter if your restaurant is clean, and your kitchen spotless. There’s still going to be shelter and food there, so rats will live in a diner or fast food joint or fancy eatery, so long as there is an entry into the restaurant.

It all comes down to the openings. If you have the neatest, cleanest, most sanitary kitchen in the world, but there are ways for rats to get into the building – open vents, ducts, etc, well then, you’re going to have rats inside. This is an area that Bug Guardian Pest Prevention can assist in by doing an evaluation and sealing of your restaurant to protect against rodents like rats and mice but also pest such as cockroaches and ants. If you aren’t sure if your restaurant in Litchfield Park isn’t secure enough to protect against pest & rodents then call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!

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German Cockroach Free Restaurants in Glendale Arizona

Are you starting or have recently started a restaurant in Glendale Arizona? If you answered yes to the first question here is our next question. Do you have a plan for keeping pests such as cockroaches out of your restaurant’s kitchen? Roaches, like many other insects and rodents are simply seeking food, shelter, water and humidity and there is no place better for these creatures to meet all of their needs in just one stop than the kitchen of your restaurant. To discourage an infestation in your Glendale kitchen we at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention have compiled a short list of tasks to help prevent cockroach infestation in your restaurant:

  • Empty trash receptacles daily; use trash cans with tightly sealing lids
  • Keep food stored in plastic or glass containers with lids or store in the refrigerator
  • Clean food crumbs and spills immediately from surfaces and sinks
  • Dispose of empty cardboard boxes
  • Use screens in windows and install draft sweeps onto doors
  • Place mesh screen over drains, which is a common entry point for roaches
  • Get rid of clutter where cockroaches can hide
  • Keep all areas dry
  • Seal cracks and crevices with high-quality caulking; areas of concern would be: around door and window moldings, inside cabinets and storage closets, around baseboards and the back splash near the sink


Cockroaches can be very difficult to prevent and get rid of from restaurants and other commercial facilities, so if your best attempts to keep roaches from your facilities is failing, Bug Guardian Pest Prevention is the ideal solution. Not only will our commercial pest control program eliminate cockroaches and other common invaders including ants,flies and mice, it will identify and correct the conditions in which these pests thrive to help you prevent any future infestations from occurring.

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Pest Control for Office Buildings in the Scottsdale Area

Your commercial office building in Scottsdale is meant to be thriving with businesses with meetings, telephone centers, and executive offices and the last thing you want is to hear that business is being disrupted and visitors are unhappy due to pests in the building. Lost productivity is lost revenue and profit to a company which is something we at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention understand.

When working with Bug Guardian to ensure your Scottsdale office building on a pest control plan rest assured  you are working with the most innovative company in the Scottsdale, AZ area with years of experience.  As a result, we have developed unique and proprietary processes to provide far safer and superior results while focusing on prevention and problem solving, not pesticide applications. We have a better treatment process for the most common culprits roaches, ants, mice, and rats.

What this Means for your Business

  • Superior technicians that are certified with years of experience
  • Superior results in keeping pests out of your building
  • Superior communication, so you know what we are doing for you
  • Superior satisfaction guarantee

We at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention can create a tailored plan geared specifically to your office building that deals with pests in the Scottsdale area.

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Keep German Cockroaches Out of Your Anthem Restaurant

A German Cockroach infestation is one of the most severe violations serious enough to have a restaurant automatically closed. It is typical to find pests hanging around businesses in the food industry, however, you don’t want those pests to stick around.

There are several steps that Anthem restaurants can take to keep from having their properties infested. Maintaining a cleaning schedule, proper food storage, disposing of garbage and quickly fixing water leaks are simple tasks restaurants owners can complete to reduce the impact of German Cockroaches.

To further reduce the risk of infestation by German Cockroaches and other pest have a Pest Management company such as Bug Guardian come to your restaurant and regularly spray with products that are environmentally friendly and safe for use around people.

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