Wolf Spider Removal in Arizona

Wolf Spiders are hairy, brownish-grey in color with dark lines on their backs, and three rows of eyes. Eight eyes in total: two large eyes with two smaller eyes above them, and four smaller eyes under them. As scary as they look, Wolf spiders run away when disturbed.  These spiders aren’t a medical threat, but bites can cause reactions in some people.

Wolf spiders differ from most spiders, because  they don’t spin webs to catch prey.  They’re predatory spiders who roam at night hunting for food. Their food consists ofearwigs, ants, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, roaches and other spiders.  (Some species of wolf spiders do build tunnel web retreats/burrows.) Wolf spiders do carry their egg sacs around with them. They attach their egg sack to the underside of their bellies.

Wolf spiders are active all year round, and often seen indoors during cooler months:  running along walls, in corners, by doors, windows, house plants, and in garages.

Wolf Spiders are common household invaders that are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders. We have tons of Wolf Spiders in Arizona especially in the Valley as Wolf Spiders blend in with the desert landscape.

If you find that your home in Arizona is in need of Wolf Spider removal please call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!

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Silverfish Pest Control in Anthem

Silverfish are difficult to see in detail without a magnifying glass because they’re less than an inch long, but they resemble a catfish. Instead of fins however, they have six legs as well as pinchers, technically known as cerci, sticking out of their behinds.

Although they’re not swimmers, silverfish are nocturnal creatures that prefer dark, moist areas. Here in Anthem, Arizona, pest control professionals most often find them in outdoor expansion joints, meter boxes, under leaf litter being watered by drip systems, under foundations that abut to landscaping, basements, and bathrooms – anywhere there is moisture.

As is so often the case, silverfish are after nourishment. While silverfish are not a danger to your health, they can damage some types of personal property. Because they thrive on complex sugars, it should come as no surprise that they can feast on glue, paper, family photos, books, curtains, cotton and linen, silk fabric and more. When they can’t find anything else, they’ll even chomp down on leather and polyester.

Because silverfish most often hide in cracks and crevices, getting rid of them requires precision treatments. All of Bug Guardian’s general pest control service plans target the small, hard-to-reach areas where silverfish make their home. We also have equipment specifically designed to effectively treat these hard-to-reach areas.

As Arizona pest control experts, we select products that are effective in controlling silverfish. All of the products we use are people friendly, pet friendly and environment friendly.


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