Vinagaroon in Phoenix

Physical Characteristics of Phoenix Vinegaroons

  • Classified as an arachnid, and also known as “Whip Scorpions” due to their “whiplike” tails
  • 8 legs total, using their first two legs as sensory tools
  • Measure no more than 3.3 inches in length


  • Nocturnal, preferring to feast on insects
  • When startled or disturbed, they expel a combination of acids that have smell of vinegar
  • Burrow in decomposing materials and organic materials

Phoenix Food Sources

  • Starches and dextrin – Sources include fabrics, hair, carpet, paints and adhesives, etc.

Life Cycle

  • A mother remains with her young ,without food, until after they mature
  • Live up to 7 years

Related Information and Warnings

  • Can pinch human skin, but are not poisonous

If you notice a Vinegaroons or have feel as though you have an infestation in your Phoenix property please feel free to call Bug Guardian at (480)345-2847.