Roof Rat

Roof rat in Phoenix

Physical Characteristics of Phoenix Roof Rats

  • Measures 7”- 9” in length
  • Colors are solid and range from white to gray
  • Pointy noise, hairless ears and tail with black scales


  • Hunt for food sources after sunset
  • Will avoid any new object placed in their environment for several days
  • Prefers warm climates

Phoenix Food Sources

  • Omnivorous preferring fruit, nuts and vegetation.

Life Cycle

  • One litter can contain up to 8 offspring
  • Females can produce up to 5 litters in a year
  • Lifespan is up to 1 year

Related Information and Warnings

  • Droppings and urine can cause allergies, asthma as well as other medical conditions

If you notice a Roof Rat or have feel as though you have an infestation in your Phoenix property please feel free to call Bug Guardian at (480)345-2847.