Oriental cockroach

Oriental Cockroach in Phoenix

Phoenix Oriental Cockroach Physical Characteristics

  • Blackish brown measuring about 1” in length
  • Bodies feature an oily, shiny surface


  • Dwell in dark, damp, cool areas
  • Can enter a home through plumbing
  • Often found in or near basements and bathrooms

Phoenix Food Sources

  • Omnivorous – will scavenge for anything
  • Prefer to feed on starches and grease

Life Cycle

  • Egg capsules contain 12-16 eggs
  • Total lifespan is 22 months, with adulthood lasting only 1-4 months

Related Information and Warnings

  • Oriental cockroaches are also referred to as black beetles, water bugs or shade roaches
  • The tidiest homes and businesses can become infested

If you notice an Oriental Cockroach or have feel as though you have an infestation in your Phoenix property please feel free to call Bug Guardian at (480)345-2847.