Keep Your Anthem Home Pest Free This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day when the family gets together to watch football, eat a lot of turkey and perhaps plan for Black Friday shopping in the Anthem area.While you may enjoy having your relatives and friends over to share in the day’s festivities, there may some uninvited guests that you don’t want at the dinner table. How can you make sure that this year’s Thanksgiving stays free from pests?

Make Sure That Food Is Stored Properly

The first step that you need to take is to make sure that your food is stored properly before, during and after it is cooked. Roof rats like to get into cupboards while ants will look for any signs of sugar that they can find. This means that you should keep your turkey in the freezer, the condiments sealed tight and any bag or dough containers should be emptied fully into an airtight container if you are not going to use the whole thing in one sitting.

Don’t Let Your Leftovers Sit Out Unattended

You should make sure that the plates are free from scraps and that any leftover bones or pieces of meat are put in the trash or compacted in the garbage disposal. Dishes should be washed and the trash should be taken out as soon as dinner is over. This will remove the chance that insects or rodents will pick up on a free source of food and go in for a nice meal of their own.

Clean Out the Fridge Once the Leftovers Are Mostly Gone

While having leftovers is one of the joys of Thanksgiving, make sure that you dispose of them within a few days of the big meal. Keeping potatoes or stuffing in the refrigerator for longer than that will make it more likely that the food will start to rot and grow mold and mildew. Furthermore, the strong smell may attract a variety of pests that can make your kitchen and the rest of your home unsanitary to live in.

Ask Friends or Family Members to Take Food Home With Them

The easiest way to get rid of food during Thanksgiving is to have your guests take home some food with them. This reduces the amount of apple pie, turkey and gravy that you have to contend with in your home. Better yet, have guests bring their own meals and have them take home the leftovers when the gathering ends. There is a good chance that there are some teenage relatives who had to work or others who would love to eat whatever you didn’t get a chance to finish during that family dinner.

Mop the Floors and Vacuum the Carpet and Couch

One of the best ways to dissuade pests from entering your home is to make sure that the floors are mopped and the carpets are vacuumed. This will get rid of excess sugar that may make the floor sticky or any crumbs that you may have left behind during any pre-meal snacks. Getting crumbs out of the couch cushions is imperative as this is a prime spot from many insects and even mice to snack if there is food available.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate your blessings and the bounty of food available. However, you don’t want to offer unwanted pests to enjoy your bounty as well. Therefore, make sure you are keeping food properly stored and keeping sugar and crumbs to a minimum if you want to avoid an infestation this holiday season.

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German Cockroach Control During Arizona Winter Months

Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches aren’t simply attracted to messy households. In fact, cockroaches move indoors during fall and winter to find warmth and escape the cold. Of course, that pizza left sitting out on the kitchen counter is just asking for a cockroach infestation.

During the cold weather months, it’s more important than ever to create a plan for cockroach prevention in apartments, condos, and other homes.

1) Tidy up around the house. Dispose of piled newspapers, empty boxes, unused paper bags and other piles of clutter. This helps eliminate places that may harbor roaches.
2) Eliminate sources of water. Roaches need water much more than food. It’s critical to fix leaky pipes and clean up any standing water.
3) Don’t feed roaches. Make sure to eliminate roach food sources around the house. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, sweep routinely after cooking, and never abandon food on countertops. Any leftover food should be stored in airtight containers.
4) Don’t give roaches a way in. Cockroaches can squirm through the smallest openings. Be sure to seal gaps around pipes with flexible caulk, as well as patch any cracks and crevices you find around the house. A Bug Guardian Scorpion Seal service also helps with this step.
5) Long-term cockroach prevention. The best strategy for complete roach control should be viewed as an on-going effort. Regular service visits from a pest control professional such as Bug Guardian’s trained professionals will help to keep unwanted infestations from occurring.

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Importance of Scorpion Seal in a Arizona Winter

Now that Halloween has passed the temperatures in Arizona are starting to drop and with that drop unwanted pests will start looking for warmth. Before the cold winter nights come and you find yourself with those pesky pests in your home you should consider a Scorpion Seal of your home or business offered by Bug Guardian.

Sealing your property can solve many in home infestations. Insects and other pests often will enter a home through an unsealed door, torn screen, crack in the foundation or walls. After entry the pest will inhabit a portion of your home and reproduce. After a pest has infested your home it can be very difficult to exterminate. To prevent these pest from entering your home specific measures can be taken to seal these entry points.

The first step in preventing scorpions into your home is to seal it properly. The point of sealing is to prevent entry points so be sure your home is sealed from roof to foundation.

Areas that we seal:

  • Cracks, Gaps & Holes
  • Screening Vents and Windows
  • Doors and Windows
  • Property Walls

Next we seal the favorite habitat for scorpions which is inside the concrete block property walls that surround many of the homes in Arizona. The gaps where each segment meets and the space in between individual blocks provide a perfect entry point into these structures.

Sealing your Arizona property can have many benefits. First and foremost the goal is to prevent pests. Other affects of home sealing are reduced energy use, prevention of water damage and making your home more secure.

If you have more questions about Scorpion Seals or would like to request a quote feel free to give us a call today at (480)345-2847.

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