Tips to Keep Your Anthem Home Flea & Tick Free

February  marks the beginning of warmer weather in Anthem, Arizona but with that warm weather comes more pests. Today we are specifically talking about Fleas & Ticks and how to protect your dogs and cats from them.

These are the best way to keep your furry family members free of unwanted fleas & ticks:

  • Providing a balanced diet with real food to keep the immune system vital and strong.
  • Bathing and brushing your dog regularly and doing nose-to-tail body checks when you come in from outside. If you recall from previous posts, this is also a great way to check your dog for any signs of new bumps, lumps or other tender spots.
  • Steering clear of old, stagnant water and any areas which have been treated with chemicals of any sort in both your own yard and the areas you run your dog,
  • Using natural pest deterrents, some of which are described above.
  • Being prepared with both the tools and the knowledge of how to safely remove a tick if you do find one. The traditional way is still the best, using tweezers or a tick remover tool. Other methods which promote using a match, petroleum jelly or swivel methods of making the tick ‘dizzy’ are not as reliable and may actually cause the tick to burrow deeper or leave parts still attached. As always, if in doubt, consult your vet.

If you find that you’re having an infestation of fleas and ticks at your Anthem home feel free to call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!