Bee Hive Removal in Laveen Arizona

Laveen, Arizona is prime real estate for honey bees both Africanized and European, and the Africanized honey bee is known to swarm 4 or more times a year compared to the European Honey Bee which only swarms once or twice if even that depending on conditions. Phoenix and the metro area as well as other Arizona cities have become a hot spot for Africanized Bees and the activity has increased every year. It is very important that you treat all bee colonies and swarms as if they are dangerous as one mistake can be a very painful one. Trying to treat bees yourself can end up with serious injuries and even fatalities for you and your neighbors as well as pets.

Normally, people and bees can coexist, however, with the migration of aggressive Africanized honey bees into the Valley in recent years, experts expect to see an increase in bee incidents. Bee attacks usually occur when bees are swarming or if they are protecting their hive. If someone tries to remove the bees or a hive, agitates the bees by swatting at them, or startling them with the noise from power equipment such as lawn mowers or blowers, a stinging emergency can happen.

If they land on the structure of your home or are coming and going in an eave or into the stucco or siding etc. or there is visible honeycomb on any structure around your property then they do need to be removed properly by Bug Guardian Pest Prevention.