Bee Control & Removal in Anthem

As Spring flowers begin to bloom in Anthem Arizona the pollen count rises and so does the appearance off bees. Bees will travel as far as 2 miles to gather for their hive. But could their hive be located in your Anthem home or business?
Africanized bees are known to sting in much larger numbers than European bees. Both Africanized and European honey bees have the same physical appearance; therefore, all honey bees should be treated with the same caution as Africanized bees.
We recommend professional removal of all bee swarms (newly arrived bees) and established bee hives as soon as discovered. Their presence is a health and safety risk to people and animals in the surrounding area and often results in costly property damage if not removed. Bee removal or extermination should never be attempted by persons without professional training and protective equipment.