German Cockroach

Types of Arizona Cockroaches

Physical Characteristics of Phoenix German Cockroaches

  • Measures 10 to 15 mm long
  • The thorax includes two dark parallel streaks
  • Males appear thin and narrow; Females appear round stocky


  • Nocturnal and afraid of light
  • German Cockroaches can be found near food, warmth and moisture
  • Produce chemical trails which exist in their fecal matter. These trails are used for mating and swarming and transmit bacteria onto the surfaces which they are deposited.

Phoenix Food Sources

  • Omnivorous scavengers preferring greasy materials

Life Cycle

  • Females produce one egg case containing up to 48 eggs every 20 to 25 days
  • Lifespan ranges up to 12 months

Related Information and Warnings

  • German cockroaches are common in Phoenix, especially during warmer months
  • German Cockroaches can resist many insecticides

If you notice a German Cockroach or have feel as though you have an infestation in your Phoenix property please feel free to call Bug Guardian at (480)345-2847.