Signs of Roof Rats

Roof Rat Pest Control

Roof Rat Invasion

As the temperatures cool, roof rats may be trying to find warmth, which means they might make their way into places like the attic in your home. If you know what to look for, you can stop roof rats before they become a larger problem. Learning and identifying the signs of roof rats in your home or on your property can prevent a destructive infestation. They are notorious for chewing and gnawing to build their nests everywhere from within your walls and attic, to the engine compartment in your vehicle. This wreaks havoc on your insulation, home structure, electrical wiring and more. Not to mention the potential contaminants they may bring into your home, putting your family’s health at risk. (more…)

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Pest Control in Mesa, AZ 85212

Mesa Arizona Pest Control

Welcome to Eastmark

Mesa, Arizona is not only home to spring training baseball, the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and the beautiful Usury Mountain Regional Park. The history of Mesa goes back to ancient times when the Hohokam people turned a hostile desert into a thriving agricultural center with a sophisticated irrigation canal system.

While there is much history in old Mesa, the city continues to grow, spreading to the community known as Eastmark, located in 85212. Like much of Arizona, pest control in Eastmark is essential considering the most notorious pest in the region, the bark scorpion, calls this area home.

However, like many Arizona towns and cities, Eastmark pests are not limited to scorpions. Roof rats, rodents, termites, spiders, and other invasive pests need to be properly eradicated and controlled for homes to remain pest free. (more…)

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Bed Bugs in Winter

Winter Bed Bug Activity

During the winter months bed bugs are seeking the same thing humans are – warmth. Bed bugs are drawn into your home during winter months as they seek shelter from the decreasing temperatures. Bed bugs can also spread prolifically in the winter months due to travel during the holidays, where visitors and hotel stays allow bed bugs to hop on and off like boarding the polar express. Bed bugs are also very resilient, surviving at very low temperatures in a hibernation-like state, waiting for the opportunity to feed and reproduce when the right conditions, like entering your home, are met. (more…)

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Scorpion Hot Spots in Arizona

Scorpion Hot Spots

Scorpion Prone Areas

While pretty much anywhere in Arizona is susceptible to scorpion populations, there are some areas that may be more prone to scorpions than others. These “scorpion hot spots” usually fall into a few categories that we will expand upon:

  1. Natural scorpion habitats
  2. Food sources
  3. Human caused activity


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Differences Between Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse

Wolf Spiders vs Brown Recluses

Wolf spiders and brown recluse spiders are often confused for each other, due to their similar appearance. However, there are notable differences between the two. Differentiating between these two is important, since while the bite of a wolf spider is harmless to humans, brown recluses are venomous, and can cause tissue damage. As a matter of fact, wolf spiders are also venomous and their bites can sting, but don’t cause any long-term damage.

Brown Recluse vs Wolf Spider: Location

Wolf spiders are found virtually all over the world, apart from the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. Brown recluse spiders, on the other hand, are only found in southeastern North America. (more…)

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Pest Control in Arcadia, AZ 85018

Arcadia Pest Control 85018

Welcome to Arcadia

Arcadia, Arizona is not only home to prime real estate, beautiful homes, and breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain. Arcadia is known as one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ. However, like many Arizona towns and cities, Arcadia is also home to a wide array of Arizona pests including, but not limited to, roof rats, scorpionsrodents, termites, spiders, and more…

Bug Guardian Pest Control understands pests in Arcadia, and has developed unique, environmentally responsible pest control programs to solve your Arcadia pest problems.

We don’t rest until we’ve eliminated your last pest. With 6 days a week service (closed on Sunday, same day service in most cases), and because of our “100% Satisfaction guarantee”, what do you have to lose except invasive pest issues?

Roof Rat Invasion

The area of the Valley that would become known as Arcadia was established as a collection of citrus fruit orchards, which performed extremely well due to the fertile soil to the south of Camelback Mountain. As the Phoenix area grew, the value of this lush land was recognized and parcels of land for home building began being sold. Over time, the neighborhood grew to become some of the most sought-after real estate in the Valley. (more…)

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Pet Friendly Pest Control

Pet Friendly Pest Control

Part of the Family

Your pets are part of the family, and we know how important it is to keep them safe outdoors as well as indoors. Pests that affect humans will also affect our furry friends, some even more so. That’s why safe, pet friendly pest control should be top of mind when looking for a service provider.

When you see evidence of pests in your home or yard, your first inclination may be to reach for the strongest bug spray you can find. However, while pesticides will likely kill whatever unwanted visitors are infesting your home, they can also be harmful to your pets. With pet safe pest control products and techniques, you can be sure your pets are safe from pests, as well as the treatments used to keep them away.

Pest Dangers to Pets

Fleas & Ticks

The first set of pests you may think of when it comes to your pets are fleas and ticks. These parasites can cause problems ranging from skin irritations to diseases and infections. Make sure to use flea control products often, and perform inspections on your pets after spending time outdoors. (more…)

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Stripe-Tailed Scorpions

Stripe Tailed Scorpion

Arizona Stripe-Tailed Scorpion

The Stripe-Tailed Scorpion, otherwise known as the Arizona Devil Scorpion or Wood Scorpion, is home to Arizona and parts of New Mexico and California. Officially known as Paravaejovis spinigerus, it grows to about 2-3 inches, and usually tan to dark brown in color with darker stripes across its back. They have a slightly stockier build than their Bark Scorpion counterparts, with thicker appendages and tails.

Their primary habitat is along the desert floors and hillsides of the Sonoran desert, often found under rocks. Like other scorpions, they seek out moisture and stable food sources, hibernating during the day and going out at night to hunt and mate. (more…)

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Pest Control in Paradise Valley, 85253

Paradise Valley Pest Control

Welcome to Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley, Arizona is not only home of such attractions as destination golf courses, beautiful trails & parks, fantastic shopping, and a vibrant restaurant scene. Paradise Valley is known as one of the most luxurious towns in Phoenix, AZ, where you’ll find many top-end resorts and spas. However, like many Arizona towns and cities, it is also home to a wide array of Arizona pests including, but not limited to, scorpions, rodents, termites, spiders, and more…

Bug Guardian Pest Control understands pests in Paradise Valley, and has developed unique, environmentally responsible pest control programs to solve your Paradise Valley pest problems.

We don’t rest until we’ve eliminated your last pest. With 6 days a week service (closed on Sunday, same day service in most cases), and because of our “100% Satisfaction guarantee”, what do you have to lose except invasive pest issues? (more…)

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Arizona

Every business owner, office manager, and floor supervisor knows the importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment for employees as well as customers. Commercial pest control is of utmost importance to ensure work spaces are free of invasive insects, scorpions, and rodents.

A business not adhering to local, state, and federal guidelines is susceptible to being closed or shuttered, meaning loss of income for owners, investors and employees. Pests can introduce diseases, cause damage to infrastructure, and even lead lawsuits. Beyond that, a company not providing a pest free environment is simply unattractive to work in and do business with, and potentially harmful to your reputation.

From restaurants, to offices, to warehouses, to healthcare and agricultural settings, all businesses should go above and beyond to protect the workplace from pests. Owners and managers should ensure they are working with a commercial pest control company that can provide that level of service as well.

Finding a Commercial Pest Control Provider

To make sure you are providing a safe environment, communicate with your commercial pest service provider about your specific needs. This may include any noticed problem areas or pests, environmental concerns, and documentation needs. (more…)

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