What to Know About Rodent Control in Arizona


Roof rats and other vermin seek shelter when the going gets rough. The walls, attic, and basement of your warm, cozy property provide an ideal environment for rodent families to escape from the snow and sleet. Plus, a never-ending supply of food via your kitchen is always within easy reach. Whether you’re trying to keep your home hygienic and pleasant for your family or looking to run a business, rodents are always bad news.


The tricky thing about a rodent infestation is that you can actually have one for quite some time before you’re truly aware of it. A handful roof rats may not cause much of a stir by themselves. However, an entire colony of them is another story. Often, property owners only discover they have a roof rat control issue on their hands once things have gotten completely out of hand.

You can learn to catch potential issues that might eventually require roof rat extermination services in Arizona by learning to recognize the signs as early as possible. Mice and other rodents always leave behind evidence of their presence. Gnaw marks or other damage caused to stored items in your attic, closets, basement, or other out of the way places are often among the first signs of an issue. Some people may notice scurrying or gnawing noises coming from inside the walls.

Actual droppings are, of course, a clear sign that you’re dealing with rodents. Mice and rats are nibblers when it comes to their eating habits, so they tend to generate a lot of droppings scattered over the areas where they feed or spend time. Also, rodent urine and feces contains pheromones and other compounds that attract even more rodents. This can make it extra tough to get an issue with roof rats under control once it starts.

When looking to rid your property of roof rats or other rodents and pests call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!