Warmer Weather means more Pests in Arizona

Arizona residents know that in February we move from the winter chill into warmer temperatures in the 80s. With this warmer weather also means an increase the pests around your home in the Valley.

The warmer the weather gets, the more insects we will be seeing. This means that with the warmer climate comes an ever increasing number of insects. And this will continue as long as temperatures continue to rise. While this is a good thing for a number of insects such as butterflies, this also means an ever-increasing number of bad insects such as scorpions.

 How to Discourage Pests from Entering Your Home


  1. Eliminate debris (rocks, wood piles, etc) pests can hide under during the day around your home, & several feet out.
  2. Repair any leaky pipes.
  3. Add door sweeps.
  4. Make sure all weather stripping around your home is in good order.   
  5. Screen vents around and on top of your home.
  6. Change exterior light bulbs to yellow bulbs, because they are less attractive to MANY bugs!
  7. Make sure your not over watering. (most watering systems are set daily, but every 2 to 3 days is sufficient)
  8. Fix broken watering system parts. 
  9.  Make sure all water on your property is draining. (no hidden puddles)
  10. Trim all plants, and make sure they aren’t touching your house.
  11. Keep grass areas trimmed low.
  12. Clean up all food crumbs, spills, etc., in a timely manner.
  13. Seal all concrete expansion joints with calk.
  14. Calk all block fence “I” blocks  
  15. Prevent “sewer roaches” from coming up drains by using ALL drains regularly.  Pipes under drains have a U shaped loop call a “trap”.   If these drains are used regularly, water will stay in the bottom of the U shaped pipe.  This water in the  ”trap” prevents sewer roaches from coming through and into your home
  16. Contact a Pest Prevention Professional such as Bug Guardian for regular visits