Scorpion Removal Treatments for Peoria Arizona

Scorpions are one of the deadliest creatures that can infest your home or your surrounding property. They are menacing, vicious creatures and should be taken care of as soon as possible before they cause any harm to you, your loved ones, or your pets.

Scorpions are tough creatures and can live in even tougher environments. It is best to bring in the professionals to do the job of eradicating them from your home once and for all. Experience and proper equipment count when trying to deal with scorpions. And that is what we have got at Bug Guardian Pest Prevention. We are a licensed Arizona based company which provides best results at competitive prices in the class.

Scorpions usually thrive in a warm, dry climate, like Peoria but they can be found in most of the parts of US. If you repeatedly see scorpions near your home, or see both juvenile and adult scorpions then chances are high that your neighborhood is scorpion infested. They might be living outside but might be coming to your home frequently for shelter, water etc.

At Bug Guardian Pest Prevention, we provide two kinds of services to remove scorpion population. In the first kind, we use scorpion repelling pesticides to remove the infestations. We continually keep doing it at regular intervals for about 90-120 days until the scorpions are removed. This method is more effective when it comes to complete removal and keeping up the same in the coming future. However this might be a riskier option to opt for if you have kids or pets or a sensitive garden etc. which might come in contact with the chemicals and get contaminated.

The other method is more eco-friendly and does not affect the environment as much. This method employs our professionals who go out in the field and catch the scorpions. This is our exclusion treatment service and aim at eliminating all scorpions by capturing them one by one manually. Scorpions usually come out in the evening when the temperature goes down. It is then that we go out with “blacklight”, a kind of ultraviolet light that is reflected by the scorpion’s exoskeleton and as a result they glow in the dark. This method is equally effective and the results are visible in the first day only. The process is repeated several times regularly until population drops to null.

One must note however, that prevention is better than cure. It is advisable to keep your yard clean and cover up small openings and inlets to your house where scorpions or other pets can get inside. Small, simple changes can prevent the scorpion population from increasing itself.