Roof Rat Control in Paradise Valley Homes

Over the last five years roof rat sightings have increased in the Paradise Valley area as well as South Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Central Phoenix. Many residents in the area are alarmed when hearing this due to the damage of their Valley homes.

Roof rats start to look for warmth and dry havens in the attics of many Valley homes, sometimes chewing through wiring and also cause damage to citrus and fruit trees. While Roof rats do not carry diseases they are a pest that can cause damage through this busy holiday season.

You can usually tell if there are roof rats by doing an inspection of your property. Look for citrus that is hollowed out, along with cylindrical droppings, gnaw marks on your house or trees, live or dead rats and rodent odors.

Also inspect your attic and garage for signs of roof rat invasion. If you store a motorhome or boat on your property, also check to see if roof rats are living there and gnawing on the hoses and wiring. Roof rats will gnaw on anything to keep their front teeth from growing too long.

Roof rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. Usually you can tell if your attic has been invaded by checking your insulation for nesting. Also look for gnawing on any exposed wiring. Many times people first realize they have roof rats when they hear them at night in their attic or garage.

If you find evidence of roof rats living in your house or on your property call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention Today!