Flea and Tick Pest Control for Your Peoria

Most Peoria pet owners know the importance of keeping their pets free from fleas and ticks – they can cause itching, irritation, and the transmission of harmful diseases.  But what most pet owners don’t know is that only a very small fraction of the infestation actually occurs on the pet – 95% of the infestation is eggs, larvae, and pupae that are in the pet’s environment. This is why the preventative treatments for your pet are only part of the solution.

Even the healthiest homes and yards can have fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can infest your lawn, yard and garden in a variety of ways and make you and your pets miserable. Migration from other yards, carried in by nocturnal mammals or strays passing through can all contribute to an increased population of fleas and ticks. At Bug Guardian Pest Prevention we have a proven program that is centered around using quality pesticides that are family and pet friendly.