Benefits of a Scorpion Home Seal

Sealing the Exterior of Your Arizona Home

You’ll be surprised at the high number of places where pests gain entry into your home, restaurant or business. Some insects and spiders only need an opening the thickness of a credit card. Mice can squeeze their way through a gap the size of a nickel. Once they make their way inside it will be difficult to evict them. Lock those pests out now.

Benefits of Sealing Your Property:

  • Keeping unwanted pests out like  scorpions, crickets, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish, and earwigs
  • Properly sealed doors will result in keeping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter from escaping these points therefore reducing energy costs
  • Selling a home that is sealed versus one that is not, in scorpion prone areas is always a benefit
  • When you scorpion seal a home and/or property and follow up with regular pest control, you drastically reduce the chances of finding scorpions and other unwanted pests inside your home.

Our customized home seal program will help prevent pest invasion, although it doesn’t guarantee that you will never see a pest again, it is always best to include monthly pest control spraying of your property. For more information on our Scorpion Seal Service contact Bug Guardian Pest Prevention today!