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Deal With Your Pest Control Now Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming and they’ll be here before you know it. If you’ve been meaning to get an exterminator into your home to diagnose your pest control issues, now is the time to get that taken care of. Our green pest control will not leave any telltale residues for your holiday guests to detect. If you’re planning on having out of town guests for the holidays you don’t want them sharing beds with pests of any type.

Once the leaves start to fall and Halloween comes and goes, everyone goes



German Cockroach Prevention in Arizona Restaurants

Your business is important to you as well as the health and wellbeing of your customers and its continued success if crucial. If at any point your restaurant becomes infested with Cockroaches it’s important to have infestation exterminated by a professional pest control specialist in a timely manner.



Cockroach Information:

Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments. They spend the daytime hours in dark areas such as under refrigerators, stoves, and false bottoms in kitchen cabinets, the backs of cabinets and between baseboards, floors, cabinets and walls. Cockroaches leave these areas at



How to Identify Common Bug Bites

The heat of the summer provides the perfect breeding ground for insects, particularly those of the biting and stinging variety. Some bites, like those from mosquitoes or ants, are just a nuisance and take time to get over. Others, like bed bug bites, indicate a potential infestation that might require the services of a Bug Guardian Pest Prevention specialist. And, there are other bites that are quite serious and could require medical attention, like those from a black widow spider. Understanding what different bites look like and being able to identify where



Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Pest Control in Arizona?

The Arizona climate is considerably different than other parts of the country. With the Arizona heat comes a great deal of unwanted pests.Scorpions, black widow and brown recluse spiders, a variety of ants, and cockroaches all love to call this area home. Add to the fact that places like Arizona are major tourist destinations, and [...]



Scorpion Removal Treatments for Peoria Arizona

Scorpions are one of the deadliest creatures that can infest your home or your surrounding property. They are menacing, vicious creatures and should be taken care of as soon as possible before they cause any harm to you, your loved ones, or your pets.

Scorpions are tough creatures and can live in even tougher environments. It is best to bring in the professionals to do the job of eradicating them from your home once and for all. Experience and proper equipment count when trying to deal with scorpions. And that is

black widow spider in Arizona



Enemy Hiding Within Your Home – Spider

You would think your home is a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Within your walls live many different types of spiders, many of which have venomous and lethal bites. Knowing how to identify them could literally save your life, and most live in very specific areas of your house, so depending on where you a spider, you can eliminate possible culprits. Needless to say, learning about the dangerous spiders that are sharing your abode is just plain common sense.



When to Seek Medical Care for a Scorpion Sting in Arizona

First you feel it! OUCH!

It burns! It stings!

Parts of your body begin to feel numb!

Being stung by a scorpion is nasty business, but once you’ve been stung, what do you do next?

Most infants, small children and the elderly, especially if they are stung by a bark scorpion, which inhabits large areas in Arizona and New Mexico, should be seen quickly by a doctor since some of the severe reactions occur in these populations.
However, anyone who experiences severe symptoms after a scorpion sting will need immediate treatment in an emergency room.
Call 911 and/or Poison Control (1-800-222-1222)
Continuously apply



El Mirage One Time Pest Control Services

Infinite questions crop up in a El Mirage property owner’s mind when a pest invasion takes place. How did the annoying bugs get in? Will they get away on their own? Should I call a pest exterminator? Which pest service must I get?

One-Time Pest Services are designed to deal with a current pest problem from general household pests such as ants, silverfish, cockroaches, earwigs, black widows, crickets and more in your home or business, without any ongoing agreements.

While many exterminators treat all pests the same by spraying pesticides everywhere. We want to

Palo Verde Beetles



Monsoon Season in Arizona Means Palo Verde Beetles

From June to September, the residents of Arizona experience the catch-22 known as monsoon season. The wind and rain from monsoons can be a refreshing change from the heat and dryness that Arizona residents deal with throughout the year. But as any Phoenix pest control specialist will tell you, the monsoons bring out unwanted pests that can cause a long list of problems for residents and their properties.

The Palo Verde Beetle is again making its debut this monsoon season all over Maricopa County. Many people mistake it for being a



How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

If you’re waking up with red, hive-like bite marks on your body and you’re noticing dark spots on your mattress, you may have to face an unpleasant reality: bed bugs. These pests are more than just an annoyance. They can cause itchy, irritated bed bugs bites that can become infected.

By uncovering answers to the following questions, you can confirm whether you have an infestation and get help with bed bugs control.

Do you have unexplained bites?

If you’re seeing little red bites on your skin and you can’t uncover the cause, they