Spring Time Pest Control in Avondale

Spring has arrived, it’s time to get a handle on pest control once again. Even the smallest of pesky flies can have harmful effects upon human health as well as property, so pest control is no joke. From bedbugs and roaches to scorpions and rodents, once they’re in your home it’s hard to get them to leave.

At the first sign of an infestation, most people will go grabbing for some type of pesticide, not taking into consideration the longterm effects these toxic chemicals can have on themselves or their pets. But pests in the home can be just as harmful as those pesticides, given that the smallest bite or sting can come laden with disease. Bugs can even find their way into furniture, food, bedding and clothing, where they can set up a home and begin ushering other unwanted pests into the home. That’s where Bug Guardian comes in with their eco-friendly methods.

Bug Guardian knows that the proper treatment of pests plays a major role in any community, allowing residents to live healthy and comfortable lives without threat of disease or the unpleasantness of bugs. This Spring, remember that a consistent check of your home’s structure-a well as some eco-friendly ammunition on hand-will keep out mosquitoes, roaches, ants and termites. You can even have bedbugs thinking twice about turning your home into their own. But even if all else fails, you can rest easy knowing that Bug Guardian is there for you

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Household Plants that Attract Bees

Many people enjoy gardening and maintaining flower beds. The flowers add color to your home and yard, and the outdoor activity is invigorating to many. However, most people are not pleased when they look into their garden area or flower beds and see it swarming with bees.

While bees are nature’s way of pollinating plants, excessive amounts of bees in any area that is not a specific hive can be dangerous. A swarm of bees can harm someone even if they are not allergic to the stings, and for those who are allergic, one simple sting can be deadly.

To even out the balance between necessary pollination and keeping your flower beds and gardens nearly bee free, gardeners need to be creative with their planting.


Wildflower gardens have become very popular. These gardens are meant to be beautiful and attract butterflies. Many people love to spread them out over large areas as a way to add beauty to an area that otherwise has a hard time growing other flowers. These wonderful plants do everything they claim to do. They will grow quickly, add lots of color to your yard, and attract butterflies. They will also attract bees.

Bees love wildflowers because most of them have a lot of nectar. Bees can return often to the same flowers to get their fill and return to their hive with food. Bees also love large areas of the same type of flower. It makes them feel “comfortable” in a large patch of the same type of plants. This s why you will see many bees in fields , groves and orchards.

Another bee attractant is shallow water sources. Not many people realize that when they place a bird bath in their flower garden, they are also creating a place for bees to stop for a drink.

Bees are also attracted to vegetable flowers or that of fruit and berries. If you are going to grow these types of plants, it is best to spread them out some to make it less convenient for too many bees to gather. However, you do not want to get rid of all the bees around these plants because they will not produce fruit or berries without being pollinated.


Bees are attracted to all plants. Nectar in the flowers is what provides them food and helps with pollination. All plants need bees to perform this service.

However, planting methods and choosing flowers that do not have strong odors will help you cut down on the amount of bees that enter into your yard. It is also very important that you mix your flower beds and vegetable gardens up so that bees do not develop a comfort zone.

To keep bees from being attracted to your garden area you should also keep weeds under control. Clover, milk weed, dandelion, and goldenrod grow wild everywhere, and bees love their nectar.

If bees are taking over your yard and you cannot control them by changing your plants and planting methods, you should seek professional bee removal. Bee removal can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by someone with experience.

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Glendale Pest Control Solutions

Glendale Pest Control Solutions

If you’ve ever had to deal with a serious Glendale pest control issue in your home, office, or business then you don’t need to be told how stressful it can be. Scorpions, black widows, ants, and other common pests are more than just irritating annoyances. They can badly damage your property, jeopardizing your investments and livelihood. Many pests also cause health issues to boot, so problems with insects or rodents can wind up putting you and your family at risk for a variety of dangerous conditions.

The key to avoiding the potential issues with these and other pests is enlisting the aid of the right Arizona pest control solution sooner rather than later. A good exterminator is more than just a solution to your existing pest problem. They’ll also possess the experience, knowledge, dedication, and know-how to prevent your issue from coming back in the future.


Far too many people looking for Glendale pest control solutions simply open up their phone book and call the first company they see, assuming that one pest control professional is going to be just as good as any other. Others actually bother to do their homework, but then wind up going with the cheapest guy out there only to find that they weren’t able to do the job as promised. The number one quality you should be looking for in a pest control agency is experience.

Don’t settle for anyone that isn’t well-versed in all the possible issues a given pest problem might cause. Choose exterminators that have years of solid experience backed by a good reputation and plenty of positive consumer feedback over the ones with the lowest prices or the flashiest sales tactics. It’s also important to make sure the exterminator you choose possesses local knowledge of Arizona weather conditions, common species of pests found in Arizona, and extermination methods that work the best on local properties.



Don’t be afraid to ask a representative from your extermination company any questions you might have about the methods they use or their strategies in regards to a specific matter, especially if you’re talking about a persistent problem that other extermination efforts haven’t been able to take care of. The best Arizona pest control solutions are going to be thorough. This means that they won’t just be focused on solving your current problem, but also on preventing it from recurring in the future.

That said, good pest control companies often offer guarantees on their services. Some Glendale pest control professionals even provide ongoing control and inspection services to help make sure that your pest issues stay under control in the future.



Bug Guardian Pest Prevention is one of the Glendale area’s top extermination solutions for a good reason. We’ve been servicing conducting licensed pest control service with a superior knowledge in regards the specific issues common in Arizona. Each and every one of our extermination professionals is experienced and knowledgeable according to high professional standards. We’re also completely bonded, qualified, and insured when it comes to being able to take control of your pest issues. The work you order from Bug Guardian Pest Prevention is also completely covered by a satisfaction guarantee.

We start the pest control process by providing you with an initial pest treatment. If the problem isn’t taken care of, we return to your property for a follow-up inspection and to retreat any specific areas if necessary. We provide services that help you maintain control over pest into the future as well. Call us today for your inspection and experience the Bug Guardian difference first hand!


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